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According to an article by (Link Here), Ai robotics are on the horizon for military operations.
"Earlier this month, the Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov Group made a low-key announcement with frightening implications. The company revealed it had developed a range of combat robots that are fully automated and used artificial intelligence to identify targets and make independent decisions. The revelation rekindled the simmering, and controversial, debate over autonomous weaponry and asked the question, at what point do we hand control of lethal weapons over to artificial intelligence?" 
While this may seem to be good for those countries who have robot armies, is it really? Who or what is controlling this Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and what is the end game?

A Christian researcher and writer named Stephen Quayle seems to propose this regarding the world's interest in building these advanced robotics in his book titled "Terminated - The End of Man is Here."
"This book is a wake up call, a warning that the war on God’s creation, which has been brewing for thousands of years, is coming to a head. Today, it is front and center and in your face. You will find both statistical and empirical evidence within these pages that will draw you to the conclusion, however far-fetched it may seem, that Homo sapiens are being targeted for termination. That genocide comes at the hand of a variety of means and we will touch on most of them.
In his place, a replacement human: Homosapien 2.0, is being created by modern day gods and demons to vanquish God’s real creation once and for all. 
The Bible says that Lucifer was cast down from heaven because he wanted to be like the Most High. But don’t think for a second that he changed his attitude when he was booted from the place of his creation. If anything, he only became more prideful and determined. Seething, he has been planning for millennia on how to totally usurp who and what the Most High is. Biding his time, planning, and scheming, he’s longed for the day when he could say to the Living God, “See! I did it! They follow and serve me, not you! They are MY creation!”
Because he too is a created being and is not omnipotent or omnipresent, he’s had to use the tools available to him, his minions. While those minions include demons, they also include pawns like the Luciferian Elitists, the Elite, or the Illuminati, who manufacture the demise of their own species in dark laboratories and backrooms around the world. These Luciferian Elitists seek to remake the world in their own image, not understanding they do so because they have adopted the antithesis of the mind of Jesus Christ. They have adopted the spirit of Antichrist. They’ll stop at nothing to save the Earth or to push technology as far as they can go in order to remake mankind in the name of science. But first, they have to kill us off! Those not terminated will be reshaped into a technological shadow of what was once God’s Creation.
This is the future and the future is now."
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Demonic Spirits

A Christian man shares what appears to be a prophetic a dream about a robot army:

Acts 2:17 - Dream

Acts 2:17 - Dream 2

In an article by (Link Here), it postulates the theory of Ai robotics being possessed by demonic spirits:
 “Techno possession” is a term coined by Steve Quayle, an outspoken critic of AI, robotics and where it’s all taking us. In a note back in January 2017, when linking to an article about the EU granting human rights to robots, Quayle said they were inviting Hell’s smorgasbord into their countries.
This is not a one-sided spiritual perspective. Individuals who are pro-robotics and AI also use spiritual terminology in their discussions, such as Geordie Rose, co-founder and chief technology officer of D-Wave (the first company in the world to sell quantum computers, which have the “Qubit” chip). He stated that, with technology, what we’re summoning into the world now are the “great old ones”, referring to spiritual entities.

Below is a video of the interview of the first robot Sophia who was recognized as a citizen of Saudi Arabia in 2017:

This is a video exploring Ai robot technology and the Biblical End of Days:

Here is a video of advanced robotics today.

Transhumanism Agenda


Sometime in 2018, I was in a Christian prayer meeting and I had a clear vision (Acts 2:17) of a robot shooting a missile from it's arm. I thought perhaps it was just my imagination that randomly replayed an image during prayer, but it could also be a message from God about what is to come shortly. For information and prophecy about a soon invasion on America please see titled Bear Strike.

Video Reference

Please see my other posts regarding the Beast System:

This seems to be confirmed by a prophetic word from (Link Here) and speaks of demonic Ai robots:

Holy Spirit Wind
There is still time but how much time? Many say there is plenty of time! “The doom and gloomers” got it wrong again I hear many say. They mock, they scoff and laugh but they know not the time of My visitation to them. But the events are still coming, nothing has changed. They will be utterly shocked at My coming and they will not be ready. Though I would give sinful man another thousand more years they would still not repent. I tell you, this Earth does not have that long.
I ask you, what do you suppose the state of things on your Earth would be in just another 10 years? Fallen angel technology is developing at an exponentially faster rate than you know. The technology that you see in your everyday world is developing rapidly but they don’t show you everything. In the coming days this too will be used in a greater ubiquitously controlling way against the sons of Adam. If given 10 more years Satanically controlled AI robots would control the entire Earth. Your world would eventually become much like the movie “The Matrix”. There is much truth in that movie but not all of the truth, for I AM the truth.
There is a song says “Every move you make, every breath you take” they’ll be watching you. I know much more than that about you but I also love you. They HATE YOU! They want to know what I know everything about you and everything about how My creation came about. They are getting ever closer, they are ever learning more through their scientific research and they will unlock the bottomless pit. They will be stopped before they unravel all of My creation, though that is exactly what Satan wants. He believes that if he could destroy everything that I have made, he would become the most high God. The problem with this is he would destroy himself as well and the fact that I can never be destroyed. He does only what I allow Him to do and right now he knows his time is short, so at this time he is frantic and very dangerous. Ask Me daily to protect you and those around you from him and I will.
Part of the plan of Satan is to replace humanity with AI and erase every memory of Me from the Earth. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT! I said “unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.” As My wrath is poured out upon the earth I will be destroying AI along with it. When the electrical grid goes down, AI will go down. There would be no use for the Earth if the sons of Adam were eradicated from it and the scriptures show that men will be on earth when I return.
I call all to repentance now! Forsake your sin and follow Me. When My warnings end you will wish you had another. When your days of comfort and ease end you will wish you had one more. When the kickoff event comes you will wish you had prepared more. When death and destruction come over this nation like a flood of fire you will wish you had an Ark of Safety. When you stand before my judgement seat you will wish for mercy but there will be none! You will wish that you had forsaken everything and followed Me but instead you followed man, your own fleshly desires and ultimately Satan. Wishing does no good, you need to pray to me! I will hear you if you are sincere, no matter who you are or what you have done.
Cry out to Me in repentance before it’s too late, I died for each one of you and took your punishment because I love you. Remove your spiritual blindfolds and see that I AM THE ONLY WAY!
One second too late is too late!
Jesus Christ
Yahushua ha Mashiach
PS – (9-29-18 8AM)

Here we see another prophetic dream (Link Here) speaking of demonic Ai robots:

Limelight Rain
May 17, 2018
Dream 2: 5/17/18 6AM Artificial intelligence Robots were already commenced and government has been hiding it, they are in the military too. I saw many flying car or hovering car patrol in my dream. They were like space ship in a car design. I said in my dream this was my dream before its really here! The camouflage was thin up in the sky thats why I saw the car patrol in the sky. It was like 5 meters from the top of my head and I heard music coming from the car hovering above. So I said this was like my dream and I know they have trains here. the train were there. The train was the transportation used by AI’s to practice and get to know the area. I went over the fence and saw many AI Robots dressed to look like a man just resting up on a hill. They saw me. They wore bluish uniform . They looked at me and were amazed that somebody saw them so I got up right away and went back to the fence, to our house. But another AI Robots dressed like a lady and they don’t want me to take a pic so they search the house because it was highly confidential. the ladies they are like the AI who are used for orgys. they are so sexy and wearing only shorts and tank tops. And they looked at me . I took a pic of them secretly and went inside the house. Later 2 guys real person not an AI, knock on our door. He said I would need to search your house. I know already that it was my phone they were after. So I hid my phone and silent it in my purse. The two military men searched the house. I was praying and praying while my hearts been beating so fast, that they will not catch me. To my surprise they just passed by me. All who were found with even a little bit of information, they separate them. They don’t want people to know that there were AI’s built up. My cousin was caught together with his friend. Everyone who has a phone and information about them,they were taking them. And I saw two couple saying goodbye and hugging each other and they were crying as if it was like they will never see each other again. Then the 2 military men escorted them to leave the vicinity and my cousins were carrying all their clothing in a backpack. We asked why are you crying? Is something wrong? Then the wife of my cousin said, they were taking him and he may never come back. all of us look at them while leaving the area. We were all amazed at that very fast event. Dream End…


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